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Patient Coordinator
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Patient Coordinator

Cheryl Cruickshanks:

Cheryl Cruickshamks is the patient coordinator for “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” and is responsible for patient’s care and communications. She looks after the patients whilst catering for your needs in a holiday atmosphere. Cheryl secures a unique opportunity for our clients providing tailor made packages for each individual, ensuring discretion and comfort during your stay on the island of Cyprus. She will alleviate the insecurity of being alone in a foreign country by providing all the necessary comforts during your recuperation. She delivers your individual and personalised care evaluated daily in addition to you seeing your Plastic Surgeon.

Cheryl offers:

Aftercare visits
in the comfort of your own home- if you are resident.
at your accommodation -if you are visitor.
In addition to seeing your Plastic Surgeon anytime.

Cheryl Services include:

  • Providing detailed information via personal consultations and e-mail, on   procedure choices, prices, preoperative requirements, and recovery and post operative advice. 
  • Arranging and booking your accommodation and flights.
  • Return airport transfers from Larnaka or Pafos.
  • All consultations with me.
  • An information meeting on your arrival so you know exactly what the next few days have in store and get answers to any last minute concerns.
  • I make the appointments and take you for your preoperative health tests.
  • I can arrange other health tests e.g Mammograms, bone densomiter, specific blood tests, investigations etc.
  • I provide accompanied transportation for all your surgical consultations and hospital visits, in a comfortable, fully air-conditioned vehicle.
  • I collect you on the day of surgery and stay with you throughout (I even watch the procedure) until you have recovered from the anesthetic.
  • I collect you on discharge and return you back to your accommodation.
  • Thereafter I visit you daily and as required at your accommodation to give the all important aftercare.
  • During the second week as your condition improves home visits may be less frequent in preparation for your departure and so that you may enjoy the rest of your holiday. I still contact you however to check on your condition and visit as required.
  • You will have the use of a mobile phone to contact me, on call 24/7.
  • I can also introduce you to other excellent health care specialists, and liaise with them on your behalf, if required to do so.
  • I translate the "medical jargon!" into plain English.
  • I am always available for you to contact when you return home and it goes without saying that your Surgeon is too 24/7.

Cheryl Aftercare includes:

  • I liaise with your surgeon daily regarding your post-operative condition and report any abnormalities to him.
  • I supply all your oral medication, sterile dressings, gauze pads, antiseptic lotion, skin creams.
  • I supply your abdominal binders, compression garments, and support bra.
  • Check your temperature, this is important as an elevation could indicate an infection, which could be chest (if you have been a smoker) ear, throat, wound or urine. The risk of infection is less than 1% and antibiotics reduce this risk dramatically. However, if infection does occur, it can be serious. Early detection and treatment is crucial to ensure a speedy and uneventful recovery.
  • Give additional antibiotics if indicated.
  • Observe for allergic reactions to medications/change medication and report same to the surgeon.
  • Redress incisions and observe for infection.
  • Remove staples/sutures.
  • Administer injections for the relief of pain and nausea.
  • Assist you when bathing and washing your hair. (especially beneficial after having combined procedures).
  • Answer any questions and give constant support. 
  • Offer advice on diet, mobilisation etc. 
  • Check your blood pressure, to make sure it is within normal limits (typically clients who have low blood pressure and taking medication).
  • Observe your general condition, important in detecting anaemia which may happen following Liposuction/combined surgery.
  • Take blood samples.
  • Observe your psychological health for signs of depression, which can sometimes happen following surgery and offer reassuring and appropriate advice and support.
  • Accompany you to see the surgeon should any complications arise and also to reassure you prior to your departure.
  • Continued contact and support when you go back home, so even the smallest concerns may be addressed quickly.


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