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Post Operative Personal Responsibility

When you leave Cyprus, you will be either totally healed or very nearly. You will have no infections or discharge. You will be given specific instruction on caring for yourself and what to look for regarding infection. Cheryl always tells clients they can contact her or Dr Harris Zavrides anytime at all day or night if they have any problems no matter how small.

Until healed you are extremely susceptible to developing an infection at any time. If you do, it will have been contracted whilst you are in the UK. Caring for yourself and has nothing to do with having had the surgery in Cyprus.

You will be given simple and clear instructions on caring for yourself and warning signs to look for. We even give some clients a further course of antibiotics they can take if necessary, until they can see their GP.

If you choose not to:

  • follow these instructions.
  • contact Cheryl/Dr Harris Zavrides for advice should a problem arise no matter how small.
  • take the additional antibiotics.
  • make an appointment to see your GP or other health care professional.

then the fault and the responsibility lie with YOU!  

The consequences of you ignoring any problems no matter how small could have an extremely serious outcome. If you have chosen to neglect the warning signs, your condition could very quickly develop into a full blown infection, resulting in skin necrosis (when skin dies!). Your condition may become so serious that you require hospitalisation and further surgery to remove areas of dead skin, and repair unhealed areas.

You may be treated very kindly and sympathetically by hospital staff and consultants. But chances are, you will be made to feel that you are wasting valuable resources when there are other more needy cases. Many professionals will say to you directly, "what do you expect? You went abroad for surgery" and "you've got what you deserve; now you expect us to put it right?" 

If you think you will get sympathy and understanding form friends and relatives, think again! They can be much crueler.

For the majority, going abroad for surgery can be an enjoyable and positive experience with no complications and everyone lives happily ever after-or, it can be your worst nightmare! 




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