About Plastic Surgery

The word “Plastic” comes from the Greek verb “platho” which means “to mould” or “to give form”. Plastic Surgery is the medical specialty that enables the molding and the re-forming of the human body. According to Pythagoras, the definition of beauty is harmony. Purpose of Plastic Surgery is the creation of harmony and therefore the creation of beauty. It is for this reason that Plastic Surgery is considered a form of Art.

Plastic Surgery encompasses Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Aesthetic Surgery improves the appearance of the body features while Reconstructive Surgery restores physical function and minimizes disfigurement from accidents, disease or birth defects. Both Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery create a human body with an aesthetically pleasant and functional result. They enable the normalization of appearance, the restoration of function and the well-being, making a significant contribution to the quality of life by enhancing the self-image, self-respect and self esteem. This is why the specialty “Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery”, combine in a single specialty which is popularly known as “Plastic Surgery”.

Doctor Harris Zavrides has published a scientific article, at the prestigious “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” Journal which is the official Journal of the “International Society of Aesthetic Surgery”, that explains the correlation between Cosmetic Surgery and self confidence in the work environment: Representations in Plastic Surgery: The Impact of Self Image and Self Confidence in the Work Environment. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal 31:435-442, 2007.