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When you have decided what procedure(s) you require, send us your photos on an e-mail and by doing so, we can send you an exact costing. Or you can always give us a call on +357 – 22445588 , for a general chat and any concerns you have can be addressed quickly.  We answer all e-mail and phone calls personally. No obligations at all to proceed, your choice!
We obviously require as much notice as possible, 4 weeks is about right. This is so we can answer any questions you have, process your medical questionnaire, allow the surgeon to appraise your photos and book your surgery and accommodation if required.
However, under certain circumstances e.g. if you are already coming to Cyprus for a holiday, or if you live on the island, you may be able to have your surgery within 2 weeks.
Our opinion: it is not really necessary. Cosmetic surgery is not like any other surgical speciality in that you do not need a diagnosis. If you are not happy with some aspect of your body, you don’t need someone else to tell you. It is your choice as to what part of your body you want to improve.
Yes, it may be reassuring for you to meet the surgeon who is going to perform the op prior to you leaving the UK. But then again many clients have told us of cases where the doctor who performed the surgery, was not the one originally seen. Many companies who offer this service are a group of Surgeons who take turns in consulting. Our clients trust Dr Harris Zavrides and so anyone considering coming for surgery can speak with our many satisfied clients. Personal recommendation from someone who has experienced surgery and the way things work is always the best.
Always depending on what procedure you are having. The absolute minimum time is 7-10 days. This time period is enough for eye surgery, nose surgery, breast enlargements, and small liposuction procedures. Whatever procedure you are coming for, please remember you are coming for SURGERY-so do not expect to be out and about, shopping and dancing the night away, going on boat trips and jeep safaris!
Expect to feel sore, a little exhausted and fragile for between 2-4 days. You will have had an anesthetic and trauma to your body, so complete recovery is paramount. Two weeks is desirable, the first week for surgery and recovery, and then the second can be for a real holiday.
 Accommodation on arrival and surgery in EURO CASH either on the actual day or not later than 7 days post –op. You can also pay for the surgery two weeks before if paying by Bankers draft/personal cheque to allow for clearance. Receipts given. We do not ask for deposits.
All the information required, is covered in the medical form. Please complete it honestly before submitting.
Photographs are very important and absolutely essential for Dr Zavrides to make an online assessment and to be able to give you an exact cost. Also many clients are under the impression that they need let’s say – a brow lift, when in fact they really need an upper Blepharoplasty. There is no way for Dr Zavrides to know what procedure is right for you without these photographs and makes giving the right advice impossible!
one leaning forwards a little without breathing in.
one bending forward without breathing in.
one sitting on the bed/chair taken from the front and side.
left and right profile
one smiling, taken as close as possible. 
one taken without smiling, as close as possible.
left and right profile looking straight ahead.
looking up the nose.
looking down the nose.
left and right profile
If you feel that other pictures better demonstrate your concerns, please include those views also. Click here to open an email to which you can attach your digital photo. Please include your name and email address in the body of the email.
Certainly not- unless we have your written permission.
Well you will be able to buy most things here in Cyprus, however here are a few items that you will find useful and make your stay more comfortable:
Travel sickness tablets. 
Books, magazines.
Sun glasses. Sun block. SFP 35-50
Personal CD / tape player.
Prescribed medication.


All correspondence and telephone conversations relating to surgery and the services of “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” are with Cheryl/Dr Harris Zavrides personally.
We make it a strict policy not to share any client information with other organisations or agents.
For each visitor to our Web site, no personally identifiable information is created/stored.
The Web server collects aggregate information on what pages clients’ access or visit.
The information collected is used to improve the contents of the Web site.  
With respect to cookies: the Web server use cookies to record past activity, in order to provide better service when visitors return to the site.
If you supply us with your postal address on-line you will only receive the information from Cheryl/Dr Harris Zavrides, for which you provided your address.
Persons who supply their telephone numbers on-line will only receive telephone contact from Cheryl/Dr Harris Zavrides with the information they require.
Persons who supply their telephone numbers on-line will not be harassed, hounded, have their privacy invaded or be pressured into booking any procedure.
All sensitive personal information and photographs supplied on-line / by post, is treated in the very strictest of confidence.
Images are presented to Dr Harris Zavrides in person/CD-Rom, therefore there is zero chance of transmission to the wrong party.
Images/personal information are neither discussed with, nor made available to any other person (s) except Dr Harris Zavrides.
Any personal images and information posted on the Web site are strictly with the client’s written consent.
Rest assured that “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” takes special care to ensure your private details and photographs are received and treated in the strictest confidence and as such they will never be seen by or distributed to any third parties. Cost Estimates and Disbursements: Are quoted in Euro and paid to “Harris Zavrides  Plastic Surgery Center” in cash. 
You can book your flights alone or we can arrange your flights (you must tell us the dates). Airport transfers to and from your chosen destination when staying in any city (Nicosia/Paphos/Larnaka/Famagusta/Limassol) are included.
You can book you accommodation alone or we can arrange your accommodation (you must tell us the dates). Airport transfers to and from your chosen destination when staying in any city (Nicosia/Paphos/Larnaka/Famagusta/Limassol) are included.
Payment is made to “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” in Euro. Any extra expenditure you may incur during your hotel stay will be for your account and due for payment by you on departure by Travellers Cheque / Euro / Credit card. 
The estimate (which is not binding) will be based on your choice of procedure(s). Once you have completed and returned the “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” medical questionnaire form to us, accompanied by your clear, close up digital photographs. In some cases, the final procedure(s) and cost can only be determined after your consultation with the surgeon in Cyprus. 
Is made to “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” in EURO CASH either on the actual day or not later than 7 days post –op. You can also pay for the surgery two weeks before if paying by Bankers draft/personal cheque to allow for clearance. Receipts given. We do not ask for deposits. As with any business, “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” reserves the right to decline/terminate any persons without prior notice, explanation or consultation at any point/period prior to payment.

You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like concerning the procedure(s). Between your first enquiry and your intended arrival, you are urged to continue asking any questions that may come to mind, no matter how small they may seem to you. All questions of a surgical / medical nature will be directed to the surgeon by us, as part of the service. Satisfy yourself that you are fully aware of what to expect from your chosen procedure and the care and costs involved. Neither you/the coordinator/the surgeon are under any obligation to proceed with the intended surgery until a final mutual decision is taken at your pre-operative consultation in Cyprus. You may change your mind at any time. 
“Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” reminds you that there are risks and uncertainties associated with all surgery and that cosmetic surgery is no exception. Any risks are clearly stated under “General Risks and Complications of Surgery” on the procedures page. You are liable for any costs that may arise from resulting complications/accidents. 
In the unlikely event that during your pre-operative health tests, and /or consultation with the surgeon, he is of the opinion that additional health investigations / precautions / medications / adjustments need to be made regarding your procedure, a final cost adjustment over and above the cost estimate that you have been quoted may arise. If this is the case the additional amount will be added to the original price quotation. Once again “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” must stress that any additional recommendations that may result in additional costs at any time before, during and after your procedure will be entirely in your best interests.
All personal Consultations with the Surgeon and his fee.
Preoperative screening tests, to make sure you have no health problems prior to surgery and include:
 F.B.C. – Full Blood Count, checks for anaemia, infection, diabetes, bleeding problems and can tell the Anaesthetist and Surgeon many things about your body, it’s organs and the state of your health.
Chest X-ray – to detect lung problems or an enlarged heart.
An E.C.G. and consultation with a Cardiologist; screens for irregularities in the heart rhythm or for evidence of damage to the heart muscle. (Even if your medical or laboratory test results are found not to be within normal values, you are not automatically prevented from having cosmetic surgery. However you may need to undergo medication / treatment before your surgery can proceed.)
In case of breast surgery: Ultrasound/mammogram plus a consultation with a Consultant radiologist 
Pre / post-operative medications and infusions.
Hospital, theatre fees.
The highest quality Textured round Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation procedure.  Round/anatomical for reconstruction.
Up to 2 nights accommodation in the Center in a private room, (necessary for general anesthetic only) with round the clock nursing care by English speaking nurses, en-suite facilities, central oxygen, central air conditioning, telephone, full catering, TV and radio.
All Dressings, antiseptic, skin creams. 

Garment for Liposuction, bra for Breast Surgery, binder for Abdominoplasty.
Investigations/tests in addition to the routine.
A third night accommodation in the Hospital(rare)
Accommodation in the Hospital for companions.
Airport transfers to Nicosia/Larnaka/Limassol/Pafos, when staying in Nicosia/Larnaka/Limassol/Pafos.
Welcome and information meeting on arrival.
All accompanied transportation for your Personal Consultations and Hospital visits, in a comfortable none smoking, fully air-conditioned vehicle.
The use of a mobile phone if required, to contact us (on call 24/7) at any time.
Nursing aftercare which includes:
Daily and as required check visits for your reassurance.
Supply sterile dressings, pads, antiseptic lotion.
To observe that healing is progressing and is satisfactory.
To observe for infection.
To renew dressings.
Remove sutures.
Assist with bathing.
To take your temperature and blood pressure, to check it is within normal limits.
To evaluate that prescribed medication is proving effective.
Also to make sure you have every-thing you require, from the moment you arrive until it’s time for you to return home.
Your chosen flights and accommodation.
Personal spending and excursions.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above terms and conditions, feel free to contact us anytime to discuss them by email or by phone.

C. Book Your Travel

BOOK YOUR TRAVEL ALONE Tel: 0800 9496 808 Tel: 0845 6121 747 Tel: 0871 277 009 Tel: 0871 2227 657 Tel: 0800 093 3322 Tel: 0871 2219 049 Tel: 0844 493 0 787 Tel: 00357 2575 5522 / 0871 200 7799 Tel: 0800 975 9996 Tel: 0871 230 0670 Tel: 0871 664 7559 Tel: 0870 0405 040 Tel: 8000 0008 / 357 22365 700 Tel: 0800 169 4557 Tel: 1-800-397-3342 / 1-404-728-8787



D. Book Your Accomodation








E. Post Operative Personal Responsibility

When you leave Cyprus, you will be either totally healed or very nearly. You will have no infections or discharge. You will be given specific instruction on caring for yourself and what to look for regarding infection. Cheryl always tells clients they can contact her or Dr Harris Zavrides anytime at all day or night if they have any problems no matter how small.

Until healed you are extremely susceptible to developing an infection at any time. If you do, it will have been contracted whilst you are in the UK. Caring for yourself and has nothing to do with having had the surgery in Cyprus.

You will be given simple and clear instructions on caring for yourself and warning signs to look for. We even give some clients a further course of antibiotics they can take if necessary, until they can see their GP.

If you choose not to:

  • follow these instructions.
  • contact Cheryl/Dr Harris Zavrides for advice should a problem arise no matter how small.
  • take the additional antibiotics.
  • make an appointment to see your GP or other health care professional.

then the fault and the responsibility lie with YOU!  

The consequences of you ignoring any problems no matter how small could have an extremely serious outcome. If you have chosen to neglect the warning signs, your condition could very quickly develop into a full blown infection, resulting in skin necrosis (when skin dies!). Your condition may become so serious that you require hospitalisation and further surgery to remove areas of dead skin, and repair unhealed areas.

You may be treated very kindly and sympathetically by hospital staff and consultants. But chances are, you will be made to feel that you are wasting valuable resources when there are other more needy cases. Many professionals will say to you directly, “what do you expect? You went abroad for surgery” and “you’ve got what you deserve; now you expect us to put it right?” 

If you think you will get sympathy and understanding form friends and relatives, think again! They can be much crueler.

For the majority, going abroad for surgery can be an enjoyable and positive experience with no complications and everyone lives happily ever after-or, it can be your worst nightmare!