Whys Us

Dr Harris Zavrides is a board certified, internationally recognized Plastic Surgeon dedicated to providing, state of the art Plastic Surgery to his patients. He is expertly trained and through his experience he provides high standards of Medical Service. Dr Zavrides is highly regarded by patients and peers for his surgical skill and is dedicated to providing the most safe, advanced and innovative techniques, available today in Cosmetic Surgery. He prides his work on the satisfaction of his patients and the continued care that ensures each procedure is as successful as possible. Consultation with Dr Zavrides is provided in a compassionate and discrete environment, where patients have a good understanding of the recommended procedure(s) to help them achieve their Aesthetic goals. Patients can expect to receive a confidential, respectful and informative consultation, aiming for natural looking results, with the shortest recovery time possible. A surgical plan is developed to meet the aesthetic goals of each individual. Computer imaging is available, in order to create a better focus towards the proposed results. Even after the procedure is completed, Dr Zavrides strives to ensure that clients are satisfied with their “new look” through follow-up visits and special care.

Located in the center of Cyprus “ Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” has earned a long standing reputation for providing first class private medical care to patients. The Center prides itself on the service it delivers and has some of the most impressive results surrounding re-admission and infection rates in the World. At “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center” we provide the highest standards of care, from the time you first get in touch with us until after your treatment has been completed. Feel reassured; our dedicated and highly trained people consistently achieve excellent results. For us it’s more than just treating patients, it’s about looking after people.

We know what it’s like to travel to another country to have Cosmetic Surgery, in the hopes of being able to change a part of your body. Not to mention all the thoughts and fears that goes through your mind when you have eventually made the decision. Will they speak English, am I doing the right thing, what if all the horror stories are true and something goes wrong and most importantly -what about the after care”.

Our service is providing a wealth of detailed information on surgical and none surgical procedures, discussing fees and related costs to assist you in making informed decisions and most importantlyproviding the daily and as required 24/7 nursing aftercare. Invaluable if considering combined procedures.  We can coordinate your cosmetic surgery, flights and accommodation in Cyprus. You can fly-in alone or with family and friends, are collected and transported to your accommodation and are then guided through a process that ensures complete supportive care and a totally reassuring and pleasant experience for you. We are determined to making your stay in Cyprus for your surgical visit as comfortable and rewarding as possible, whether you are looking for temporary or permanent improvements. We will listen to your needs and financial considerations matching you with the best health care specialists available and we are committed to providing you with both the personalised attention you deserve, as well as the highest quality of procedures available in the World.

Our home aftercare service has proved to be why many clients when coming to Cyprus for surgery, (especially beneficial when having combined procedures) are choosing our Center.  They are reassured and comforted in the knowledge that a British spoken coordinator is checking on their condition every day, even though they are away from home. Benefit from Individual and Personalised daily post operative home care delivered by a Registered Nurse (in addition to seeing your Plastic Surgeon).

Complications rarely happen, it’s true. But what you have to ask yourself is this. “What would I do and how would I feel if anything happened to me?” Also how would your husband/partner or family cope if they were with you? Who would you call and would that person know what to do in any given situation? You may phone Cheryl anytime day or night, if you have any concerns or worries no matter how small; Cheryl will visit you even though she may have visited you earlier that day. Cheryl will offer the appropriate treatment, advice and support. However if she is concerned, she will take you to see Dr Harris Zavrides.

We understand that getting better involves more than just medical treatment. That’s why we ensure there’s always someone on hand to answer your questions; we care for you in clean, purpose-built facilities, set in pleasant surroundings; and we make sure your friends and family are always welcome. Whether you need a minor procedure or major surgery, you can get the treatment you need at “Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery Center”.  Our nursing staff are all highly qualified and dedicated to caring for our patients in a warm and professional manner.

We will give you all the details you need to prepare for your stay, and when you arrive you ‘ll have your own personalized treatment plan – we call it a ‘care pathway’ – which gives a detailed description of all aspects of your care, so you know what to expect and you can see how you are progressing. When you leave, you’ll be given all the advice you need to speed up your recovery. A fixed price will be guaranteed in advance for a wide range of diagnostic procedures, medical treatments and surgical care. This gives you the reassurance of knowing that there will be no hidden extras.


Our advantages:

No taxis to find, wait for and pay for

No long hot tiresome drive to the Hospital

No need to “make an effort to get dressed and look presentable”

No feelings of embarrassment if you have had facial surgery

No fear of bumping into someone you may know

No waiting around to see the Doctor

No delays

Reassurance and support in your own surroundings

Be seen in public when you feel happy about yourself


Each year, we conduct postal surveys among our patients to measure the levels of their satisfaction and find more ways to improve the service we provide. & answering quite good, very good or excellent:

Quality of service from consultant: 98

Care and attention the nurses provided 96

The cleanliness of the hospital: 98

Room and surroundings: 95

Quality of food: 88

Overall quality of service: 96